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Dear London,

When your busy days get me mad I remember that there is Hyde Park to relax. Sometimes I need to hide myself from your buildings and noises.
Sometimes I just need to see the life happen. Naturally.

Today I sat in front of Kensington Palace and my words came out of my mind as they want to break free. I feel like I have no time to talk to you anymore about me. Your hurry days give me no choice but being like everyone else: in a hurry.

You look more like autunm than spring. Your winds still wake me up in the middle of the night and the sun is quite shy. But Its fine for me, as long as it does not rain, I can enjoy your sky.

This week is going to be heavy. Im tired, fisically. Emotional I cant even say, I think I got used to it. I must say that I feel like Cinderella before the blue dress and all the magic. Some days, the only things I can remember is cleaning. What do I do everyday? I clean. I clean the whole restaurant. I clean my heart. I clean my mind.

You do this to me. You force me to face my hours, to swallow my cry.
Im no longer the same person as I was when I got here. I thank you for that.

If I accepted you as you are, would you satisfy me more? Perhaps with a new job or a better man. Or a new way…

You know what I like the most? To observe how people handle you; how they live your streets and places; how they enjoy your weather or not; how they smile; their accent…And between so many voices and languages, I remember that much more than you, magic city, I have the whole world. Once and again, I thank you for that.

Beloved London, you make me crazy but at same time, you make me stronger. You make me a dreamer!

No matter what happens, tomorrow is gonna be always another day.
But just for you to know Im still waiting for your flowers.





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