The Time Of My Life

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Eleven years ago she opened the door of her house and said:

“Welcome to Australia!”

It was the first time I was traveling alone and would live away from my family. I had a mixture of emotions inside me. I wanted to cry and smile. I remember like it was yesterday. In fact, I can see it now, in front of me. I can hear her voice and feel exactly what I fel that day.

She hugged me and made me feel confortable. She put me in her life and in her family. She took care of me like a mother and daughter. I had Christmas present, birthday cake and the best dinners. She saw me grow for a year. But more than that, she made me feel at home. I was home.

When she drove me to the airport in the day of my return to Brazil, she looked into my eyes and asked:

“Why are not you happy? You are going to see your family, you are going home!”

“I know…but this is my home, I dont want to leave…”

Then she said that the world was too big and I was too young so I would have many places to travel and I could come back to Aussie anytime I wanted. Once and again she comforted me. Once and again she was right.

Since then I have thrown myself in different places and adventures. My gypsy heart does not stop and dreams deserve to come true. While I have feet I will cross all borders. But the true is the more I travel, the more I know Australia is my place. My soul belongs to there. It doesnt matter how long time has passed, it will always be my shelter and I can always come back.

Her hug, she may not know that, just gave this feeling to me and Im really thankful.

Eleven years ago she hugged a girl 20 years old, scared and excited at the same time with the days to come. Eleven years later she hugged a woman 31 years old, more mature but with the same dreams and shinning eyes.

Meet her here in London, at this moment, just prove to me that love and family survive to distance and time.

And our memories together, while talking having a cruise in Thames River, came to remind me that time was the time of my life!


Helena and I London

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2 Comentários

  1. Camila Murta

    Manenha, que máximo! Não sabia que haviam se encontrado em Londres!
    Que foto linda e que momento lindo!
    Obs: Meu Deus, 11 anos?! To velha…to velha…to velha!
    Nossa amizade já está na adolescência! HAHAHHAHAHA.

    Te amo!

    • Amanda

      ahhahahahahahahha manenha, adorei! Nossa amizade já está na adolescencia!!!! Te amo! Velha nao, maduras ahahha E sim, nos reencontramos e foi lindo!!! <3 🙂

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