Life get more fun when we move

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“Have you ever noticed that everything you want you always get it?”
So did say my therapist before I leave to Italy. It would be too much to agree with these words, but they are true. Not because ‘its me’ But because we all can get whatever we want.
When we believe The Universe show us the way and The signs. Whether at the “same hours” or The unexpected messages.
Everyone knows What kind of choice and pain has to deal with it. On this journey I was called spoiled, depressive and even child. Judging is easy, But sending me money or clean The floor for me no one did. I Know me and The tears in my friends eyes, as well as Their Lovely words, proved even more Who am I.
As I discovered myself, I realised that the one Who seems to Know you very well, do not Know that much; And that one you just met is The one who reached out his hand.
In those 11 months I regret not having stayed longer in Italy and also not coming back to my friend’s wedding. But I wouldn’t changed this experience in London for nothing. The City that has matured me in pain and love. Yes, London showed me a new love and therefore, ‘she’ will have me as longer as ‘she’ need.
Our differences of colors and tastes tortures us, I Know. But we Love each other and I will come back. Is just that, for this moment, I want Something that you Dont have: Sun.
Then, Im going to Love in Portuguese and Spanish for a while. Because I need, because I want to, because I Love and because life become more fun when we move.
Untill The next chapter.
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A vida fica mais divertida quando nos movemos


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  1. Very great post. thank you!

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