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Some people do not understand my love for Portugal. Whenever I comment about it, I hear it’s more of a third world country, the “bad” part of Europe where there is nothing.

Recently I heard: “Lisbon seems to Sé Square in SP.” In critical tone. Well, but it is clear the downtown of SP has plenty of Lisbon after all, they-the portugueses- colonized our country. In fact, the similarities go beyond the Sé Square. We see a lot of Portugal every bit of our Brazil.

But the truth is that Lisbon is much more than similarities with our country and Portugal is much more than Lisbon. From Porto to Algarve you eat very well, you love intensely and you have one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

I woukd like to write something more intense and profound about Portugal that I love so much abd do not get tired of visiting. But every time I think of this place, I think the words of Fernando Pessoa in his poem ‘Sea Portuguese’ (Mar Portugues). Nothing defines better this land than the expressions of Pessoa.

So, to not fill this text with cheap words, I ask permission of Pessoa and make his feelings as mine. Everything is worthwhile if the soul is not small!

Yes! And every day that passes I am more sure about this wherever you are. There is always something good and positive in every corner and every day, even in those when you think, ‘I should not have woke up today … “

Yes, you should! The universe need us! Make it all worth it feeds the soul and makes it bigger.

Thank you Lord for this small and friendly piece of land that one day, colonized one of the largest territorie. And despite all problems and defects, left us in good culture, good food and it allowed us to be someone.

Thank you for Portugal that make me feel home.

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