Happy One Year!

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All the butterflies inside your belly, the nervous shaking your body anx your heart.
How you tried to skip their eyes so they couldnt see you cry.
All the word from those you love , the red eyes for crying a lot and the goodbye;
The expected days, the anxiety for freedom and the sunset in the most beautiful landscape?
And all the good wines…
When you felt fear, you looked back wishing to go back home;
The awake nights, changed days and tears at dawn.
The thorns, the cold and the darkness.
How many tickets flight you bought mentally just to relieve the pain and to say to yourself: I can go back whenever I want.
But, every sunrise looking out the window you used to say: I decided to stay one more day.
When you felt ungrounded, felt homeless, comfortless…But not without friends.
When loneliness made you write and leave. When the sadness go away everytime you listened: “Im here.”
How terrible you felt when you served a plate and cleaned the floor?
But you felt the richest woman when you laid in the garden in front of the Royal Palace.
When the offense hurt but you magnified; When the distance cried but made you stronger. When the longing and love joined for you.
When “Home” was there and, now, is already here.
The passport in your hands, your money in your banck account and your achieved independence.
The achievements and discoveries; the woman who you were and the one who the mirror reveals today.
All the laughs, the parties, the hughs…
Who would say that. Remember?
Happy one year of adult life around the world!
Yes, I remember. Thank you!
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Feliz 1 ano!


Mãedrasta – Feliz de Mim

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  3. I loved your post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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