Mês: outubro 2016

What I want not what I need

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Lucky Six

Six. My number. My lucky. My light. My Saint.

The number of those who guides me e protect me. The number of my prosperity. He crossed the ocean with me and made me free of all dangerous and bad energy. He Listened to me and pulled me out of sadness when I cried.

 When I asked for an aswer, he put this door in front of me with his number. The proof that it was for me. That he listen to me. That everything is on my way as it should be. Now I can feel.

One year and two months away from Brazil. Four different houses. The third in London. My legs never transited around that much. My luggages? Heroinas! But this time Im moving in to a place that I chose. A place that I wanted. A place that I call “mine”. In somehow, its mine.

After looking for so long. London have never been that big before. I have seen different streets, faces, prices. I fell homeless when I was feeling at home! But everything comes at the time, right? Yes and because I wanted to stay, it came.

I stopped thinking about ‘going back’, I stopped thinking about ‘how is it going to be tomorrow’, I just stopped. I decided to live the present for the first time. Enjoy this place, this moment, these days, no matter for how long.

I faced your thorns, London. Now I have your relief.  All new once and again. I feel light. I feel good. I feel save. While I want. This is freedom.

Number 6. Where I know all the good things will happen. As the song say: “Today is where your book begins the rest still unwritten!”

And there’s nothing that I like more than a blank page! Pen’s are ready for my new 6. For my new season.

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