A year ago I sat in front of you without a voice to describe what I was feeling. Your waves read my silence. I put my feet to kiss you, ask for your blessing and permission to cross you.

I cried because I knew how much would miss you. But I had to follow. I crossed  and I went to live in one of the most beautiful and colorful landscape- Firenze. Shortly after, I fell in the middle of buildings and noises-.London.

Between the cold and the flowers, I never wanted someone so much as I wanted you. I counted the days to the sun and for the summer. For the holidays and for the day I would ne free to go after you. If I need to quit or run out of money, no longer mattered. To run away was what I needed.

So we met. We smiled. My feet kissing your lips again. Feeling you as before. Tweenty days ago. The same ocean. The same Atlantic. A new woman, and this time, on this side. Eight thousand kilometers, what have you got to tell me these coldest and European waves.

I know. I know all that I wish and I pray to you. All I do not want and I throw into you. For your depths, all the tears that hurt and sorrow. For me, your salt that cleans. Your good energy. My God! As I needed!

It may sound corny and even ridiculous, but when you are in the cold and in the dark for months, meeting with the sea- which to me is life-becomes essential as the air we breathe.

Life. This is it. I needed to feel that I am. Alive.

Thank you. For allowing me to cross all those kilometers, thank you. For opening the way for me. For making me vibrate. It was just what I needed to be reborn. Sun and sea.

Here I say goodbye again. The same tears and the same desires. The miss but renewal. We see you soon, next summer. But over there, that side, where it all began.

To Portugal, for those beautiful days, all my love. And to the Sea all my respect and my heart.

With your blessing nothing is in vain.